We have created step-by-step IPTV tutorials to help you install your IPTV subscription on your favorite devices

Our IPTV subscription works on any device that supports the “M3u” formula or portals such as: B. VLC or Simple Tv or Kodi multimedia programs for PC, Mobile, Smart Tv, MAG Box etc. For this reason we have made a tutorial for each device to make it easier for you to install your subscription on your own device.


SMART TV ( Samsung & LG ... )​

Android (Smartphones / Android Box)

IPTV Smarters Go to Chrome or Internet Enter the following URL exactly as shown here:


And click OK.

Once installed, just enter your username and password and watch all the channels with the latest VOD (movies and series) updated every week

Apple (Apple TV / iPhone / iPad)​

IPTV Smarters

Flix App

Fill out the form with login details, name, username, password, url. You can now enjoy our IPTV listEnter your configuration parameter after taking a screenshot at your Mac address. Please contact our support team to activate your app

MAG - all Models

Connect the MAG device to the TV and the Internet. Then do the following

Navigate to: Settings->System Settings->Server->Portals
Set Portal 1: IPTVLarge
Set Portal URL 1 (see your email)
Define Portal Name 2 leave this field blank add this field only if you are ordering the second subscription
save everything
Restart the device
Once the box
After the restart, wait until the TV screen shows channels.